Kraamcentrum: for the best maternity care

Are you pregnant and looking for maternity support from a reliable, certified maternity care provider? Welcome to Kraamcentrum! Our experienced maternity care assistants will look after you, your baby and your family after your delivery, making your post-natal period a time to enjoy.

Area of coverage

Our area of coverage comprises Noord-Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland, parts of Gelderland and Overijssel. Our base is in the province of Utrecht. We assess whether we can provide maternity care in your home town on a case by case basis.


Kraamcentrum offers Christian maternity care. Many of our maternity care assistants come from this background, and you can naturally indicate a preference for this. Obviously we provide maternity care to all, regardless of your personal beliefs. Our strengths are personal contact, experienced staff and continuous training.


The maternity care that you receive is funded from your health insurer’s basic insurance policy. The only additional costs are the statutory compulsory personal contribution of € 4.50 per hour of care. You have to pay this yourself, unless you have supplementary insurance cover. In that case you submit the invoice (which you receive from us) to you insurance company and they will reimburse the money to you. If you are unsure about the precise level of cover offered by your health insurance, feel free to contact Kraamcentrum. As stated, all costs apart from the personal contribution are covered by the basic insurance policy.

Register well in advance

If reading our website has made you interested in maternity care from Kraamcentrum, then you should register well in advance to avoid disappointment. The number of hours of maternity care to which you are entitled varies between health insurers. Kraamcentrum will be happy to help, even if you do not speak Dutch well. Depending on your insurer, you can request your maternity care directly from us. Complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!